The Counterpart of Stress and Strain: Nurturing and Activating Sources of Strength and Resources

In the last blogpost, we talked about the physical and mental stresses in the emergency services. Today’s blog post is dedicated to the counterpart of these stresses: the so-called sources of strength. Some also say “resilience”, “resources” or “strengthening factors”. No matter what you call it, each of us carries them within us to a certain degree and can activate them to counteract the stresses. Learn more about these self-healing powers of the body, why they seem to be “hidden”, especially in difficult times, and how to find them again.


What are sources of strength?

Sources of strength can be people, activities or skills that give us strength and strengthen our sense of security and other basic needs. They can be big things, like a best friend with whom you can talk authentically about difficult topics. But also many small things, like the morning coffee or a walk in the forest strengthen us and promote our resilience over time.


Why are sources of strength so important?

You can think of our mental health like a scale. On one side are the stresses, on the other the sources of strength. The more weight there is on the stress side, the more essential the sources of strength become to maintain balance. Conversely, many stresses can be added without tipping the scales if numerous sources of strength are already active. It is this balance that maintains our mental stability and strengthens our resilience.


Why do sources of strength sometimes get lost?

It’s almost ironic. Sources of strength have a tendency to get lost just when you need them most. Namely, in times when burdens and stress are very high. Then our field of vision narrows and usually focuses on the problematic. It is very difficult for most of us in these situations to widen our view and do things that are actually good for us. Maybe it even feels like work to consciously activate our sources of strength. But it is worth it: scientific studies confirm that resource activation is a core mechanism in the healing process and thus becomes very important especially in stressful times.


Our offer

Blended Support is currently developing an app that supports emergency service staff in activating and nurturing their personal sources of strength.  Here, users not only receive valuable knowledge about the diversity and importance of their individual sources of strength, but also have the opportunity to collect them in a targeted manner and integrate them into their everyday life. In this way, mental health is strengthened and the resilience of the users is increased.

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