App-Based Self Care

24/7 support

Your staff can access our digital stress management tools 24/7 independent of time and place.

Based on PSNV-guidelines

Our stress management solution is based on PSNV guidelines that emphasizes the factors that promote health and well-being, rather than just focusing on the factors that cause disease or illness.


By investing in our cost-efficient digital solution, you can prevent chronic stress and burnout in your staff, ultimately saving your organization money in the long run.

Autonomous usage

Your staff can use our stress management solution autonomously and anonymously, allowing them to take control of their own stress management strategies and prioritize their mental health without fear of judgment or scrutiny.

App-Based Self Care​

Easily Accessible

The integration of haptic feedback and a psychologically informed design results in an accessible and user-friendly experience for all, regardless of stress level.

Psychodynamic Approach

Team Workshops Combining the knowledge and experience of the Psychodynamic trauma institute in Frankfurt.

Taylor made for your organisation

Our product team will adapt the app to match specific pain points and needs of your organisation. according to PSNV guidelines.

Effective Help

Quick and Easy 24/7 digital access to our preventive and acute stress management tools.


Different Approaches to Promote Effective Stress Coping

Body exercises

Experiencing acute stress has a strong physical impact. For this reason, it is important to include the body in stress coping strategies. Our exercises help the user to regulate negative body sensation associated with stress.

Imagination exercises

Guided imagination is a mind-body intervention proven to be effective for stress management. It activates the sensory parts of the brain and positively influences emotions, feelings and experiences in the absence of external stimulation.

Distancing techniques

Stress can lead to downward spirals. Distancing techniques help users to recognize triggers and to distract themselves from these unpleasant and disturbing thoughts. It teaches users how to control and manage their emotions. 


Knowledge is Healing

Mind-Body Connection

Learn about the connection between thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations. Understand what happens in the brain and body in times of stress. 

Stress-related consequences

Stress can become chronic. Users are educated about different kinds of stress, how to detect stress levels over time and what to do about it.

Top Down Processes

Discover the ability of the conscious brain to regulate intensive body sensation. Practical tips are given on how to calm down a restless mind to positively influence the whole body system. 


Keep What Helps You in Sight

Focus on you

Personalised list of activities that align with your interests and goals for keeping focus on building a happier life

Find your coping mechanism

Encourages you to try new activities and find what works best for you. 

Evacuate the stress

Help you to engage in activities that you enjoy to take your mind off stressors and allow you to feel more relaxed and centred.

Habit-forming activities

Guides you to build new habit by engaging regularly in activities that improve your well-being, so they become an automatic part of your routine even when feeling better.


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